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Marshall's 🐕 Team

This is the team that runs the Marshall movement dedicated to fighting for fighters. Comments, questions concerns - feel free to reach out to any of us on Twitter.


  • Bryce


    Bryce’s skill set is in Web 3.0 development and scaling. Graduating with a B. Eng. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin, his expertise is in coding and programming. An avid Muay Thai enthusiast, and long-standing MMA fan at heart, he has been a Web 3.0 developer since about 2020 and helped launch $MRI with the idea of building and supporting the #FightingForFighters movement.


    Oversight of day-to-day operations, Fighter & Manager relations, Partnerships, and Community Engagement

  • Simon


    Simon has an extensive accounting background and has been deeply involved with several successful start-ups in the social media growth sector. He has been full-time in crypto since 2020 with investments & helping projects with marketing connections. A true MMA fan for over 10 years. Since MRI launched, he has been fully focused on the #FightingForFighters movement and taking the Marshall Inu movement worldwide.


    Oversight of the entire project including: hiring & day-to-day management of the team, major partnerships, key marketing connections

Senior Execs

  • Dave Leduc

    MFC President

    Dave is a 6-times Lethwei World Champion, considered the most brutal sport in the world, since its competed bareknuckle with headbutts allowed. In 2016, he made history as the first non-Burmese to win the prestigious Golden Belt in Myanmar. Before his illustrious fighting career, at 19 years old, he became the youngest Mortgage Development Director in Canada while operating his own limousine company.


    President of the MFC: Team management, key partnerships, worldwide expansion and logistics.

  • Chris G


    Chris G has a vast experience in sales, marketing, and management, leading teams in multiple industries. He also has extensive corporate experience being the regional manager for a large fitness chain, managing three gyms in Miami, and overseeing over 50 employees. With over five years in crypto and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chris G is a huge mixed martial arts fan and a big proponent of mass crypto adoption. As an entrepreneur, Chris G owns businesses in Miami and Medellín (Colombia) and is fluent in Spanish and English.


    NFT Fight Club, COO- Marshall Fighting Championship, Marketing , MRI Sports Book business manager, Telegram moderation, MRI Bets, Marshall Mansion events.

  • Community Lead

    Crypto expert/analyst with over two years of experience in the industry. During that time have also been a project advisor and entrepreneur running both for-profit and nonprofit e-business organizations. ET holds a four-year dual-degree in Business Management (including online and social media management) and Biomedical Science at a top public research university in North America. Current medical student and training in MMA and understanding the community behind this massive sport. Letting my ambitions reveal the direction I undertake.


    Managing Social Media, creating content, rendering videos/graphics, community management, initiating partnerships & marketing.

  • Vince

    Fighter Relations Lead

    Vince has a background in finance and extensive experience in the fintech and SaaS startup ecosystems. His time in fintech saw him specializing in numerous Fortune 500 client negotiations and corporate outreach partnerships. Striving to improve societal systems in new and innovative ways, Vince took a keen interest in crypto and the potential utility of blockchain tech. He is an avid sports fan and has loved MMA and the growth the sport has seen over recent years. The emergence of MRI and the #FightingForFighters movement has inspired Vince to utilize his expertise in any way that can help MRI grow its movement and message.


    Running our instagram DMs & fighter relations - and as always moderating our 🔥 chat

  • Graphics Lead

    ABG has been building a career in graphic design for 4+ years and boasts a professional degree in the field. Working with clients that have ambitious goals and aspirations has always been his passion. ABG oversees, designs, and manages all aspects of creative graphic work related to MRI products and services.


    All digital graphics for all MRI products and services

  • Brandon Lewis


    Inspired by martial arts films and fighters, Brandon has trained in multiple martial arts styles and began competing at age 10. At 15 years old, he stepped in the cage for the first time to compete in amateur MMA, then made his professional debut at 18. Shortly after his 4th pro win - Brandon suffered a back injury that took him out of fighting for over three years and then returned to fighting. Brandon’s goal is to be a Mixed Martial Arts world champion and help others positively impact his community through the spirit of martial arts.


    Content management and fighter relations

  • Crypto J

    Marketing Manager

    Crypto J has a deep background in marketing & sales and has received his bachelor's degree from Florida International University. He has actively invested in crypto for 4+ years, is an avid sports bettor, and an MMA enthusiast focused on always #FightingForFighters.


    Marketing, Operations, Event organization, MRIbets

  • cryptod0c


    d0c has been designing and engineering better mousetraps and solutions for Fortune 500 companies for the last two decades. He is an angel investor and advisor to many web3 and crypto projects, both large and small - and has a particular passion for equal pay for athletes.


    WebDev, PR & Technical Advisor

  • Scott

    Smart Contract Developer & Technical Advisor

    Scott's background is one of mostly traditional software development, with over 15 years of experience in developing .NET applications, most recently migrating and creating software using cloud services. He is currently an Enterprise Architect for a leader in its sector.


    Caretaker for the MRI smart contract and Technical Advisor to the team.

  • Kimbo

    Fighter Outreach & Social Media Campaigns

    Kimbo has an extensive background in social media campaigning and has been an integral part of numerous high-growth social media startups over the last decade. He enjoys crypto part-time and is an avid MMA enthusiast.


    Fighter outreach, management, partnerships & marketing

  • Vlad

    Marketing Manager

    Vlad has an extensive background working with several startup companies. He provides consultancy and incubation services that allow businesses explosive growth and professional development over time. He also has excellent client relationship skills, which he uses to build partnerships that benefit MRI.


    Day-to-day internal and external talent coordination as well as providing overall project support.