Passionate MMA Fans

Why Marshall Inu?

In the world of crypto, dog coins and meme coins are the gateway to the mainstream. You have Doge Coin which has been a viral sensation for the last years, with even the likes of Elon Musk supporting it. Then you have #Shiba Inu, which in 2021 had the greatest single return on investment in history - doing over a 1,000,00x in a single year. That’s why we created Marshall, a lovable dog that is designed to help out fighters with an extra source of income. We are combining the world of MMA and Meme coins to do something good in the world, whereas most other projects use the taxes for pointless marketing that makes the rich richer. We are gifting fighters who we believe deserve it more than anyone with what they put their bodies through for our entertainment.

We are Marshall. We are #FightingForFighters. If you appreciate us, don’t forget to drop a #ThankYouMarshall

Picture of fighters fighting


DisclaimerWhat else do you need to know?

Marshall Inu has absolutely no association with UFC or Joe Rogan and its related entities.

Marshall Inu $MRI is built on the Ethereum blockchain at the contract address: $0xf10b8b6dC146616b86e14eb811e49A7cc64dFd5A

MRI is an experimental meme token and protocol, so please be cautious. There is absolutely no expectation of “profits” as this project is built on a meme and by a completely decentralised anonymous large group of MMA enthusiasts from all around the world. MRI coins are a means to transfer wealth and shouldn’t be considered as an investment. MRI code is open source and issued with no guarantees. No money was ever raised for the development of MRI and all the works conducted on MRI is done so by volunteers around the world.

By trading or acquiring MRI by other means, you acknowledge that this is not an investment into any such company, partnership or any such centralized entity. MRI is an entirely open source project whereby anyone is able to volunteer and contribute. As this project is led by the community, there is nobody solely responsible for the success or failure of MRI.

The MRI token has no physical offices or any employees. The network is coded, designed, and run by volunteers from all around the globe, and anyone is welcome to contribute. Furthermore, no ICO ever took place. All code is given away and published as open source.